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We at Clemence, following years of observation, research and implementation of Swiss quality products, have designed a skincare line that reflects the beauty within you.

Our philosophy is to provide you with a variety of products (creams, serums, lotions and tonics) aimed to preserve your natural beauty and repair your skin for a fresh, young-looking face that reflects your inner confidence.

Our skincare products use the highest quality ingredients to keep you satisfied.


A lady’s face is her most valuable physical attribute in sense of beauty and personality. A fresh and healthy skin reflects her inner brightness. It is important to keep the outside as healthful looking as the inside of our body.

A stressful life and atmosphere deteriorate and damage the skin, unless we take the necessary precaution to minimize such damage.

Apart from other important habits, such as having good sleep, healthy food and habits, avoiding polluted places, etc., skincare plays an essential part in maintaining a smooth, young, and healthy skin.

Considering all of the mentioned facts, Clémence developed a complete range of face care products using the best ingredients, based on years of research and proven results, to assist customers in keeping up with their beauty rituals. The Clémence team guarantees the quality, value and results expected by their loyal clients.

The complete range consists of seven products :

Foaming Cleanser : after a full day of activity with different types of cosmetics applied to the skin, mixed with air pollution, the skin needs to recover just as we do ! This cleansing foam made of superior quality ingredients does a perfect job at removing impurities from the skin and at restoring it to its natural condition.

Ecoflora Protective Tonic : this tonic gives the skin a fresh, smooth, and healthy texture.

Hydrating & Regenerating Night Cream : this cream made of sophisticated special ingredients, applied before bed, will penetrate through the skin overnight and keep it hydrated, enriched and smooth for another bright day to come !

Hydrating Day Cream : to start your day with full protection, this cream is the solution. It will keep your skin protected and moisturized throughout the day and leave your skin smooth and fresh. This will complete your daily skincare routine.

Pentapeptide Relaxing Serum : over time you may feel that your skin looks dull and tired, and that it needs special treatment to restore its glory and shine ! This relaxing serum will intervene with its special combination of ingredients, giving you full satisfaction and confidence.

Complex Eye Gel : the eye area is a very sensitive part of our face. The daily life routine, age, and stress may show signs around the eye, such as puffiness and dark circles. To eliminate such marks, Clémence created this Gel. It is proven to be very effective in smoothing up the puffiness and gradually eliminating wrinkles and spots around the eye, resulting in a young appearance.

Anti-Aging Cream: the skin will sooner or later develop wrinkles and signs of aging, therefore, this miraculous anti-aging cream will fight the aging signs and restore the skin to a firm and young condition. It’s recommended for both younger skins in order to delay the wrinkles or older skins to reduce the wrinkles and firm up the skin.

Your skin is your first defense line ! If you don’t keep your skin closely attended and healthy, it cannot renew itself and defy the aging process.

A skin that receives harsh and bad quality products will deteriorate and get impeded. It will lose its proper renewal cycle. Keeping this factor in mind, Clémence has developed a range of skincare products with high quality ingredients to enrich the skin with smoothness and attractiveness.

Clémence does continuous studies, with ongoing research and analysis, in order to improve and to provide the best kind of products to our loyal clients.

We receive very encouraging comments from our clients which gives us the energy and support in continuing to provide high standard skincare products. We take care of every step of formulation, testing and analyzing. We proudly hear the customers’ positive or even negative comments and try to reach their expectations. This support and backup of our loyal clients gave us the lead on being ahead of our competitors in the field.

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We at Clemence, following years of observation, research and implementation of Swiss quality products, have designed a skincare line that reflects the beauty within you.

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